About the Blog

Mia & Pup is a lifestyle blog with a growing assortment of photos, ideas, and daily life stories.  Every individual finds inspiration from different places.  For some of us, it is in the stories passed down through the generations.  For others, it's the cultures and languages that fill this world.  Some find it in the simple pleasures of living with less or in the creative minds and works of artists.  This space is one where I can experiment with all of the above, share my work, and hopefully engage with all of you that share it with me.

About Maria

 photo: Kelly Burgett Photography

photo: Kelly Burgett Photography

I think people are so multi-faceted that it seems nearly impossible to wrap your entire being into just a few words, but I'll give it a shot!  I am an educator, lover of languages, city dweller, artist, obsessive pinner, researcher, and questioner.  Most consider me an extrovert, but I do love those moments when I can curl up with a book, documentary, or blog.  Those silent moments are so important for our overall health and wellness, but I'm happiest when being creative and making things.  I enjoy a simple, modern (dare I say minimalist?) style, so that is what you will find here. 

I married my best friend on June 2, 2012, and we have lived a pretty nomadic existence since then as we travel, live, and work across the globe.  Every country and culture taught us so much about the world.   You can read more about our story and adventures in the live category, as we navigate married and family life!