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Hello to all my friends--new and old--that have stumbled across my corner of the universe.  Since this is the first post, it is safe to guess that most of you have no idea who I am.  I am going to fix that, friends.  Here you are going to learn all about the girl behind the computer.  And what better way to do that than with a good, old-fashioned questionnaire?  So here are 22 things you probably didn't know about me.


^ There I am drinking my favorite hot beverage from my favorite coffee shop near my hometown! ^

12 Favorites:

  1. Color -- Yellow!  I think it is such a warm and exciting color.  It always makes me happy!
  2. Movie -- American Beauty  (Love me some Kevin Spacey!)
  3. Food -- Ooh, this is a hard one, but I am going to have to say Vegan Pho!
  4. Season -- I thrive in the sun, so summer it is!
  5. Book -- 1984 by George Orwell.  Hands down!  I have reread it at least 6 times.
  6. Teacher -- It would be my first grade teacher, Mrs. Peterson.  So, if you are reading this, you are amazing.
  7. Flower -- I go all over the board with this, but I am torn between a peony and a pin cushion protea.
  8. TV Show -- I am so original, but it is definitelyGame of Thrones.
  9. Animal -- I absolutely love elephants.  In fact, last year Derek and I visited the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  It was the experience of a lifetime. Check it out if you ever have the chance!
  10. Artist -- This is too difficult, so I am going to give you my top five in random order: Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Dale Chihuly, Andrew Salgado, & Edgar Degas.  There are so many more, and this list may change as time goes on.
  11. Poem -- I like any and all poems by Pablo Neruda.  *swoon*
  12. Musical Group -- Gotan Project!

^ Hey, it's me again!  I am hanging out with my ele friend, Mintra, from ENP!

10 More Random Things:

  1. I was born in the Midwest, USA.
  2. I studied Education and Communication Arts/Literature in university.
  3. I married my best friend on June 2, 2012.
  4. My favorite birthday party was my eighth.  It was the best--huge cardboard castle, magical drinks, princess hats, scavenger hunts, etcMy parents DIYed it all from top to bottom, so thank you!!
  5. I have a crippling fear of needles.
  6. ...and clowns.
  7. Oh, and spiders, too!
  8. I am a vegetarian.
  9. I love yoga.  It has helped me overcome so much in my life and motivated me to love myself.
  10. I am obsessed with learning new things.  I get stuck on a topic, and I have to read everything and anything I can find on the topic.  My current topic?  HTML codes! hehe

Want to know more?  Leave a comment or question below!  I am (pretty much) an open book!


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