Say What?

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Day dreaming is my thing.  I know the psychology world has mixed views on this topic (detachment from reality vs. creative outlet).  But alas, many times a day, I find myself lost in thought.  My favorite part about this is I usually doodle as I drift, so I have a visual of my mind's workings.  Then I came across these words,  and something struck me.  It was a metaphorical slap in the face.  A wake up call.  A huge, "HELLO!"

I have been researching psychology graduate programs and taking psychology classes online, but it all seemed to be forced.  I would make myself sit and listen to the lectures, but these 17 words from the voice behind The Color Purplemade me stop listening mid-lecture and take a look at my "notes".  While I was interested in the topic, I had been drawing almost the entire time.  I represented the things the professor was explaining in doodles.

What was I doing?

Then it hit me.  I really can't see myself sitting in a lab recording results from my latest research.  I am a creator.  I need to make things. As you may know, I am an educator to young people.  I absolutely love children.  I also absolutely love art...and the human brain...and helping young people discover their inner potentials.   So, I am back to the drawing board (no pun intended--hehe) for graduate programs that combine all my passions.  I want to construct a present full of designing, imagining, doing, and--hopefully--inspiring.

What or who inspires you?


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+P.S.  This week was a little hectic, but I will usually be posting Say What? posts on Thursdays!

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