In the City | Los Dominicos Market

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Happy Monday!  I thought I would start this week with a  beautiful open air market.  Although located inside Santiago, Los Dominicos feels like a weekend trip out of the city.  Its open layout and amazing artisanal goods bring feelings of freedom and relaxation.  Also the colonial site provides a sense of times past, so it is the perfect quick escape.  Harps and mandolins fill the air as you take in the exquisite handicrafts from local Chilean artists.

It can feel like a labyrinth at times, but this makes it all the more exciting.  I have found a few shops I had never seen before on this trip, because we decided to turn down what seemed like a dead end.  As we reached the end, we found the most amazing surprise (see below).  His works were beautiful, and Derek had a hard time getting me to leave.

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^ I am definitely going back for a mask. ^

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^ There are so many beautiful details here! ^

What did you do over the weekend?