10 Ways to Celebrate August

Celebrate August

So August is that boring month with no holidays, right?  Apparently, not.  With a little research, I found August is booming with opportunities for celebrating!  So, I decided to compile a few of my favorites.

1. Wipe the dust off your recipe books and buy some produce from your local farmers' market for National Farmers' Market Week (Aug. 3-9)!  I will be going to La Vega in Santiago or possibly back to Los Dominicos!

2. Get out that dictionary and study some new words, because next week is Scrabble Week!  Get some friends together, and bring out your inner word buff.

3. Me-Wow! August 8th is International Cat Day, so show some love to your feline friends.  Derek and I just saw a flyer for this amazing festival honoring all the gatos in Santiago, so guess where we'll be this Saturday!

4. Clear your schedules for August 15, because it is National Relaxation Day!  That is definitely a holiday I can celebrate.  We also have that day off from work, so I will be taking the opportunity to test this new rose water recipe from The Heirloom Blog.

Rose Water via The Heirloom Blog

^Photo credit: Kelli Lyn Fine Art Photographer^

5. All you need is love, because August 10-16 is Resurrect Romance Week.  It doesn't need to be a huge, expensive production (though it can be if that's your thing), but just put some thought into this week with your significant other or plan something unexpected for a special couple you know.

6.  Pop some tagson August 17 for National Thrift Shop Day!  (Or just keep this on loop!)

7. Discover your philanthropic side for World Humanitarian Day on August 19.  Find an organization that you believe betters the world and go volunteer!  It can be so much fun with friends, so form a group and treat yourselves to some good karma.

8. This may be the weirdest holiday I have ever heard, but I would welcome the warmer weather.  So all of you in the northern hemisphere, please stand in your yard at high-noon on August 22 and shout, "Hoodie Hoo," as loudly as you can to bring an end to winter for your friends down south (like us!).  This is real, people.

9. Don't leave out the dogs! August 26 is National Dog Day.  Pamper your pooch to a fun-filled day of dog activities!  Don't have a dog?  Go volunteer to walk a canine at your local animal shelter.

10. More Herbs, Less Salt Day actually exists, and it is August 29.  I love this, and just the mention of the word reminded me of this amazing herb cart from SFGIRLBYBAY.


^Photo credit: SFGIRLBYBAY^

 I am personally pretty excited about a few of these!  Keep me posted on how you plan to celebrate August!