In the City

The last two Saturdays have been so enjoyable for us.  Derek and I have explored Santiago a little more and discovered some new and interesting places from Gato Fest 2 to the center city to a quiet afternoon in the park.

Last Saturday (or should I say, "Cat-urday" hehe) brought us to a place I never thought possible, but any festival that features "Feline Aromatherapy" as a main event is one I must attend.  If you know us well, you know that Derek and I have a shared weakness for cats.  So when we found a flyer in the Santiago metro for Gato Fest 2, it was a plan set in stone.  We expected this to be a small event with a few cats, maybe some raffles, and some information about caring for your feline.  What we didn't expect was an attendance of 1,500+ who all shared the same love for kitties! (Fun Fact: Over 200 cats were adopted that day thanks to Fundacion Adopta in Santiago!) 


This past weekend was equally enjoyable, but in a different way.  We decided it was finally time to explore a little more of the center city.  Our day began at La Moneda Cultural Center.  Spontaneously, we decided to go to the below ground museum.  I am so glad we did, because it just happened to be the day of the Feria del Gusto (Taste Fair). There were foods from all over Chile.  We were able to taste several traditional Mapuche recipes and teas, but the real show stopper was the assortment of produce in the shape of the country.


After this, we refueled at Domino, and continued on to the Museo Historico Nacional (National Museum of History) in Plaza de Armas.  This was really amazing for me, as my grandmother is Chilean.  Derek and I both learned so much about the history of this amazing country.  It was so inexpensive (600 CHP each!) for all of the relics they have on display!


Our last stop on the walk home was a park by Salvador Metro Station.  The fountain made for the perfect backdrop to watch the sun set and just talk.  All in all, it was a pretty great weekend!


I can't wait to see what else is in store here in Santiago!  What off-the-wall events do your cities have?