Say What?


This is not as much a quote, as it is a simple mantra to remember each day.  I have always been a big picture person, but I stress over the smallest details to pull together that picture I have in my mind.  With the opening of our shop drawing nearer each day, my sister and I have been brainstorming more about the look of the "brand".  I have probably sent her at least 100 different logo ideas, played with colors, and narrowed a down to a few that I shared here not too long ago.  The overall concept is there, but it is important to also take a step back and focus on the small details that can make it possible. This made me start thinking about the day to day grind.  Sometimes we just flit through life following our routines and miss so much of the beauty that surrounds us.   A lot of times, I've noticed, the most beautiful parts of a day are in the smallest details.  What have you noticed in the small details that fill your life?  Any plans for the weekend?  I will be launching my first blog series next week with a keen attention to detail, so stay tuned!

Bonus:  My friends and I have been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  So, check for our (eco-friendly) version coming this weekend!