August Favorites

Wow!  August absolutely flew past me.  This month has been a whirldwind for us, as we continue to explore Santiago.  Mia Mangos has officially been running for a month! (Yay!)  So , these are just a few highlights from August. Favorite Pins


1: The Neighborhood, Oakland, CA  |  2: The Sill  |  3:  Yoga Pose  |4: Scoop of Roses  | Find me on Pinterest here

Favorite Read


I am currently reading Unaccustomed Earth by Jhuma Lahiri, and I am hooked.  I read her first novel (a collection of short stories), Interpreter of Maladiesand was hooked.  Her style is accessible and relatable to all people, and I think I'm going to be on a Lahiri kick for a while!

Favorite Blog


I've found myself completely obsessed with Victoria McGinley's new blog (formerly vmac+cheese) and website.  Her style is exquisite, and I always enjoy reading her posts.  If you enjoy design, this is a must read!  *All photos above are hers.

Favorite Artist


Suzanne Sullivan creates beautiful and unique ceramics.  Check out her collections at Shop KOROMIKO.

Favorite Quote


I originally saw this on Pinterest and followed the link to Clementine Daily (another blog that quickly found its way into my daily reader).  These two words have such a strong message.  Why wait?  I said before that I am a huge daydreamer, and I focus so much on the big picture and making things exact that I sometimes forget to just get started!

Favorite Post


Our tour to Trapiche in Argentina was a definite favorite.   Check it out here.

What were your favorite pieces from the month?