Say What?


I loved this quote for so many reasons.   First, I also tend to find myself drawn to things that are not overtly beautiful.  If you've seen his collections and advertisements, you definitely see the truth in these words.  If not, I suggest checking them out here.  He, along with many other designers, recently styled their own versions of the classic Wizard of Oz, which is Derek's favorite movie, so I had to check it out.  Pretty cool! This quote also stood out because it can interpreted so many different ways.  In my case, I think it is such an important message for all people.  There really is no perfect look, perfect style, or perfect way of thinking.  Our unique minds, thoughts, and styles are what make us beautiful.  Those that see the world differently are those that have the power to change it, so I say embrace your quirks!  Enjoy being odd, different, unique, weird, etc.  What do you find beautiful?