North + South | Change of Season


While this is definitely not a fashion blog, those of you that know me know that I do love clothes.  I like reading about clothes, shopping for them, pinning them, and most of all wearing them!  Although the weather may not have flipped a 180 on us, a change of season just happened!  That means the style is changing, too.  Since I'm from the US, but living in Chile, I figured it might be fun to do a few style moodboards for both the northern and southern hemispheres!  On Monday, I asked you what you thought about capsule wardrobes.  These are a few staple pieces I would add to mine for the coming seasons.


In the northern hemisphere, this is the season of falling leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, crisp winds, and warm scarves.  This was always one of my favorite seasons in the US, because the colors on display during this season just scream beautiful.

accordian-pleated midi-skirt \ over-the-knee boots \ oversized scarf


On the opposite side of the world, Spring has finally started to make an appearance.  The trees are budding, it has been quite rainy, and I am looking forward to all the blooms that will shortly follow.  This season, it is all about graphics and comfort for me.  These style trends are fun and easy to fit in with other staple pieces you already have in your current collection.  pleated maxi \ graphic tee \ tote + zip bags

What pieces do you love this season?