September Favorites

I thought August flew quickly, but September was a whole new wave of busy that I was not expecting to ride.  This month was so full of work, birthdays, holidays, and outings that it all feels like a blur.  I am looking forward to October, because I have some new ideas up my sleeve!  But let's focus on September and the stand outs. Favorite Pins


Favorite Read


I was pretty slow to finally read this book.  (It came out last year!)  However, this is definitely a case of better late than never!  Malala's story is both tragic and inspiring.  I found myself getting extremely angry, and it made me want to take action.  As many of you know, Derek and I are both educators, so this story was very close to my heart.  In the US, we take education for granted sometimes, so stories like Malala's really put into perspective how much we still need to stand up for equal and accessible education.

Favorite Blog


Like me, Alison is a new blogger, but it seems as if she has been blogging for years.  Her vision is so concise...and unique!!  Food by Mars is a food blog that incorporates a little astrology and celestial influence.  She chooses seasonal ingredients to make delicious, clean-eating recipes.  Her recipes are extremely easy to follow, and I have been so excited every time she posts a new one.  Her Instagram is full of beautiful photographs of food, so feel free to follow along with her there, too!

Favorite Artist


This is actually a collaboration of artists that I just found this month.  Felt+Fat is a Philadelphia based handmade manufacturing group headed by the creatives Nate Mell & Wynn Bauer.  I love the way that they play with glazes for the pieces to create some really interesting effects.  However, they also manage to keep clean lines and a minimal style, which I love!  Follow along via their Instagram account for even more!

Favorite Quote


Since September is also the birthday month of author Roald Dahl, it is only fitting that my favorite quote this month comes from him.  He had such a different and interesting way of looking at the world, and his writing has remained popular with children and adults alike for many years.  Find this print here.

Favorite Post


This was a tough one, because I really enjoyed writing my 26 post and reflecting back on our trips around the world.  However, this was my first time making a full floral arrangement, so I am pretty excited about it.  The entire day was so fun, and I can't wait to do it again!

What stood out in September for you?