Say What?


Hello, all!  If you have been following along with me so far, I'd like to thank you!  I have only been blogging here at Mia Mangos for about two months, but I quickly realized something.  I need to narrow my focus a little.  I am one of those people that really needs some boundaries for myself, or I can seem to bounce around to every topic that is available.  That is the case here with Mia Mangos.  I wanted it to be a place where I could share things happening in our lives, my ideas, inspirations, and passions. That being said, I have been working quite a bit behind the scenes on something in the works.  Since Derek and I are both educators by day, I think it is only fitting that my blog starts focusing on the things that provide me the most inspiration each day...the simple beauty of daily life, art, and children.  Therefore, I will be hitting the restart button, so to speak.  Mia Mangos is getting a total facelift, a new name, a new direction, and a new location!  But don't worry!  I will still be keeping to my aesthetic and filling you in on what Derek and I are up to!  Stay tuned for the updates!  I'll be starting a countdown on Instagram, so follow along there if you are in for the new adventure!