A Trip to the Botanical Gardens + A Quick DIY

One of the perks of being a teacher is going on field trips with the kids.  Recently the Year One teacher and I joined forces to explore the botanical garden, Chagual.  The kids really enjoyed this trip, and I equally loved it.  The guides gave a fantastic tour of the grounds and explained the different plant species so well.  It was so exciting to see the kids asking so many questions.  It was all they could talk about for the entire next week.

This made me think of how anyone can do this.  You can take your children to the nearest botanical garden or greenhouse in your area, or simply plant a garden of your own.  Kids learn so much from experiencing nature firsthand, planting their own seeds, and watching them grow.  This quick DIY is so fun and easy to do with kids.  Last week, we had our International Day at school where we celebrated the United Nation's International Year of Family Farming.  In my workshop, the little ones made seed bombs.  Seed bombs don't explode or anything crazy, but they do make a huge impact on the environment.  People use them during the reforestation process and drop them over the damaged area by plane.  Your little one can do the same thing by simply throwing the seed bomb into an open area, planting it in a garden, or gifting it to someone special.

Step One: Create a small bowl with the clay.

Step Two: Add dirt and seeds inside the clay bowl.

Step Three: Dip your hands in water and form a ball with the materials.

Step Four: Throw it.  Plant it.  Gift it.

I chose to wrap mine up as a simple thank you gift, but I have seen people using them as wedding favors, party favors, in baskets, etc.  Let me know what you do, and share a photo on Instagram with #mpmakes!  I would love to see your creations!

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