October Favorites

Once again, a month has disappeared.  Here in Santiago, spring is starting to feel a lot like summer.  Derek and I were actually able to spend most of Saturday lounging by our pool!  Mia & Pup has officially been running for about two weeks now, and I am really excited about November.  I have some fun posts for the rest of this week in October as well!  So, without further ado, let's get to the favorites.

Favorite Pins:

nursery inspiration: vertbaudet  -   succulents: unknown  -  frenchie: unknown  -  cake: hostess with the mostess blog

Favorite Read

This has been my favorite book for a long time.  I just recently read it again for the eigth time!  Everytime I read it, I discover something new between the lines.  1984 is a must read in my opinon!

Favorite Artist

Hayal Pozanti is an artist that I just recently discovered.  Her works are simple free form images that always have an element of surprise.  I love how she centers her works and makes use of the white space.  I can imagine her works hanging in a gallery wall, in a modern nursery, in an office, or anywhere really!  photo: Logan Bellew

Favorite Blog

I used 100 Layer Cake for wedding inspiration, but now as Derek and I start thinking of a family, my focus has shifted towards 100 Layer Cake-let.  They have great ideas for birthdays, nursery inspiration, and maternity shoots.  I love how they organize their ideas and mix in a few surprise posts as well!

Favorite Quote

I love the way sfgirlbybay styled this Erica Cook quote.  These words have always been of great inspiration.  Sometimes we get too caught up in who is the best or comparing ourselves to others that we lose sight of our own ambitions and journey.  Let's try to stop the competition and start spreading more love!

Favorite Post

This post was definitely my favorite this month.  It was definitely one of the most personal posts I have done, so it helps you to understand me and my passion for little ones a bit better. 

What were your October highlights?