Life Lately + Sollipulli

It seems like the past couple of weekends and the last week have been crammed full of activities and new experiences.  We have both been so busy lately with the end of the school year coming up.  These last two months at our school are definitely keeping our schedules full, so I apologize for the strange schedule in posts these last couple of weeks!  

These are just a few photos from the last couple weeks.  // Derek had a field trip with his students to a nature park in Santiago.  It was a great experience for the kids and families to bond outside of the school environment.  // We explored a new area of Santiago while on a hunt for some fish.  They had an outdoor terrace that overlooked the city below and the Baha'i temple that we visited from a few weeks back.  The street art in this area was beautiful and unique.  Everything was so full of color. // Halloween was a great time as well.  Derek was Vincent Vega and I was Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction! // 

Also, I wasn't able to post last week, because I was in a very remote area of Chile near Temuco.  I took a field trip with the high school students to climb the Sollipulli caldera volcano.  Basically a caldera is a volcano that at one point in its active life had an explosion so big that it drained all of its magma chamber.  This caused the volcano to cave in and form a large crater at the top.  After time, the crater filled with snow and compacted into ice forming a glacier at this particular caldera.  In the US, Crater Lake is another version, except it has a lower altitude so it is filled with liquid water.  This area of central southern Chile is very volcanic, so I was excited to see what the trip would have in store.  The views were unbeatable, and it was an incredible experience for me.  We stayed in eco-domes at Nevados de Sollipulli.  This was such a warm and inviting atmosphere.  While the outside temperatures were so cold, the indoors felt like a home away from home.  The dinners were prepared by the staff, and the owners were a sweet married couple that made us feel like family members.  They made me special vegetarian meals with no questions asked...and they were delicious!  I think after this trip, Derek and I may be doing more trekking together!! 

If you trek (or hike), where are your favorite places and what advice do you have for new beginners?  I'm looking into getting some equipment after this Sollipulli trip!  Any advice would be much appreciated. :)