I'm Back (Finally) + Life Lately

I am so sorry for completely ignoring this space for so long.  The end of the school year brought so much more busyness than I was expecting.  This is the first week that we are officially on our summer holiday.  I am definitely ready for the relaxation, travels, and reunions!  But before we get to all of that, I thought I'd share a little bit of what has been happening this past month!

We had a friendsgiving Thanksgiving dinner hosted by two of our great friends.  It was full of good food and great company.

I took my Charity Club students to the small Mapuche community of Trincao.  It is located on an island in Chiloe, and it was absolutely stunning.  We were able to help out the community and also a small school.  I will have the full post on this trip up tomorrow, so you can read all the details.

Derek and I finished classes and had our big end of the year Christmas show.  It was so hard to say goodbye to our favorite little ones.  As you know, we work at an international school, so some of those faces will be going to other countries or their home countries next year.  Our teachers' week was full of cleaning, organizing, and preparing for the new year.  I switched grade levels, so I will be teaching Year One (Kindergarten) next year, and I am SO excited to get decorating in a couple months!

One of my favorite people left Chile, so that was hard.  However, Rachael, if you are reading this, I know that you will do amazing things in Milan!  Love and light to you always! (Sorry for the low quality photo!)

What do you have planned for the holidays?