Day Trip: Saltos de Petrohue

Waterfalls have always been inspiring to me.  They carry such force and power, but yet they have a peaceful and graceful way about them.  The Saltos de Petrohue in southern Chile are no different.  These chute-like waterfalls were absolutely breathtaking with their teal undertones.  The overcast day made the greenery around the area stand out so much so that it was hard to leave.  This is the perfect day trip if you enjoy an easy trek and beautiful crevices.  Every turn was full of views and colors that could inspire anyone.  

The waterfalls are located in southern Chile near Puerto Varas, right on the edge of Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.  The entire park is a must see and is also home to the iconic Osorno volcano.  More coming on our trip to Puerto Varas and its surrounding areas later, but Petrohue deserved a post all its own.  I hope you enjoy!